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Terms & Conditions
It is the Buyer's responsibility to provide us with correct iPhone details such as iPhone model, IMEI number and Network lock, Blocked/Blacklisted Status by CheckMEND. The CheckMEND report MUST BE ALL GREEN - otherwise you will be charged AT LEAST £5 to cover the cost for these checks!!!

Once the order has been submitted, the service cannot be cancelled or amended in any circumstances.

IMPORTANT (please read carefully) - If you are unlocking a second hand/pre-owned iPhone then you MUST ensure that "Find my iPhone" feature is DISABLED/OFF before updating to latest firmware. Apple have added a new Activation lock feature which prevents activation without the original owners iCloud login and password. We are UNABLE to assist you with this problem. SORRY NO REFUNDS CAN BE GIVEN AFTER THE UNLOCKING HAS BEEN COMPLETED IF THIS PROBLEM ARISES.

1. IMEI MUST be provided prior to payment for approval to use this service!
2. iPhone MUST be under warranty!
3. iPhone MUST not be repaired or tampered before!
4. Find My Phone MUST be turned OFF!
5. iPhone MUST be posted to provided address!
6. Any FALSE information regarding iPhone will lead to extra costs or refusal with £55 admin fee!
7. This service CANNOT be cancelled in any circumstances!
8. Once the service is successful, you will get BRAND NEW & SIM FREE iPhone (handset only, same model with remaining warranty)!

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